Why list with us?

Why should you list your business in the RealEstateLinkExchange.com directory?

There are many benefits to being included in the directory. We’ll list a few below. Then we’ll show you how to get your listing started!

  • Drive leads: Getting new prospects to your business is the lifeblood of any enterprise. RealEstateLinkExchange is one of the largest directories of Real Estate professionals and peripheral products and services. By being associated you’ll have fresh eyes seeing your business listing that might otherwise not find you.
  • Affordable: Advertising is expensive. It can take hundreds or thousands of dollars to get proper exposure. Our directory is visited by hundreds of people per day all over the world looking for Real Estate services. Being included in the directory puts you right in front of your target audience without all the hassle of managing marketing campaigns, advertising contacts etc.
  • Visibility: With Real Estate, you never know where people are coming from. They could be in Germany or in Nebraska searching for their new home. So covering all this ground with other forms of advertising is simply impossible. By including your business in the RealEstateLinkExchange.com directory you’ll be front and center no matter where your next client is searching from!

Getting your business listed

Getting listed is very simple! Simply click the “Add listing” button at the top.

If you have an account already you’ll be asked to login.

If you aren’t already registered with RealEstateLinkExchange.com you’ll be asking
to register.

Once you’re logged in you’ll be taken to the “Add listing” page.

Complete your listing as thoroughly as you can including your website, phone number, address, business hours and include a clean and crisp image.

Next you’ll need to accept our Terms of Use by checking the box.

Finally click “Preview Listing” to see what your listing looks like.

Take time to verify accuracy of information.

If you see an error or need to add detail, click the “Edit listing” button to go back to the edit page.

If you like your listing, click “Publish Listing” and your listing will be live!

Congratulations! Your business is now included in the RealEstateLinkExchange.com directory!

Keeping your listing current

From time to time you may have critical business information that has changed. You’ll want to come back to the RealEstateLinkExchange.com directory and update your listing information so people can find you.

How to update your listing

First you’ll need to login by clicking the “Login” button in the menu.

Next you’ll see your listings. Click “Edit listing” and you’ll be taken to the editing screen. Make the appropriate adjustments and click “Update listing”.

You’re all done!